Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea Around Town

I have tea on the brain at the moment.  I plan to get downstairs to work on some new tea blends.  So in the meantime, I found this article about tea in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today called Drink Your Tea... and eat it, too!

I remember when I was President of a local herb club, I invited a local British woman to talk about tea and using it in cooking.  She said to me that she did not like or drink tea, but she would be glad to talk about it!  I'm sure there are others who are British who like coffee better.  In fact I know one, my British Herbal Companion!  The Post-Gazette article mentions a whole bunch of websites and you don't even have to live in the 'Burgh to go to them.  It also gives you a few recipes using tea.  I have my favorite tearoom ladies links on the right side of my blog.  Check those out as well.  It is a rainy and somewhat warm day today.  It is either really cold or semi-cold.  I really miss the snow and now it is gone again.  I'm going to go do my exercise.  Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Husband and I loathe tea, we must be faulty Brits!

Unknown said...

My lineage comes from the UK but I fear my ancestors would roll over in their graves to see the iced tea I drink. I do like tea but the weather here in Texas does not offer much time to enjoy hot teas.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Not faulty, Tracey just discriminating!

TG, I drink iced tea year round just punctuated with hot tea!

Thanks both of you for stopping by for a visit.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Nice link, Nancy! I do drink tea, and enjoy different kinds:)I drink a cup of coffee when I wake up, but switch to tea or herbal teas for the rest of the day:) Have fun exercising! big hugs xoxox

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks, CC for coming by! Glad you enjoyed the link!