Monday, March 10, 2014

Cliveden House with Ros in England in 2013-Part Two!

Always Have to Start with Herbs and Veggies!
The Grand Entrance to Cliveden House!
The Fountain of Love on the Grand Avenue!
A Lunch of Spring Vegetable Risotto for Ros!

A Ham Salad for Me!
Cliveden House from the Lawn!
The Parterre Designed by John Fleming in 1855!
Wisteria Blooming in the Walled Garden!
The Bedding Plants Just Getting Started!
A Japanese Influenced Pond!
Ros and I Enjoying Our Day Together!
A Perfect End to Our Day, The Cottage Bookshop!
As I hope you can see from the photos above, Ros and I had a fabulous time at Cliveden House!  We enjoyed our lunch at the cafe there and walked the grounds and just had a great time chatting and spending time together.  We did end the day at a bookshop near her house.  Of course, I found a few books that I did not have in my collection.  We went back to her home and had a light supper of my favorite, chicken and salad.  I got to meet her husband, Mike and their son, Tim.  They showed off the robot they were working on.   Sophie, their daughter is studying chants at the University of Bristol and Tim was going to study the cello at University of Cardiff!  Ros is the glue that keeps this family together!  They are a very special family.  So blessed to have met them and I hope to see them on a future visit!  I got this postcard of one of my favorite English flowers, bluebells.  Hope to get to see them one day!

Bluebells among the beech trees of Dockey Wood at Cliveden!
Believe it or not I have a couple more posts about my 2013 visit to England!  I'll get to those soon.  It has been a windy day but mild here in the 'Burgh!  Hope you have had a great day wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


Herbaholic said...

I have to visit Cliveden House now after seeing these photos :) Thanks for sharing the trip!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I thought you would enjoy it as well Herbaholic. I don't think it is too far for you. xo