Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just Asking to be Uncovered!

These Daffodils Were Only Slightly Covered!
These May Still Take Awhile to Bloom!
You Can Barely See These Trying to Pop Out From the Leaves!
These Need to Get Some Light!
These Are Trying to Get Out!
I Can't Remember What These Are!

The Chives This Year Need a Bit of Help!

I just looked at a spring post from last year and it wasn't until late April that we had Daffs in the 'Burgh!  The thermometer says 50 degrees, but the wind is still blowing and I had to have a winter jacket on to take these photos.  So I would say if we warm up late April is about when these will bloom, but we have work to do first!  We have had one of the coldest winters and now I think spring will just follow and not warm up right away.  A couple of years ago my chives were in bud in April!  I called my post Even These Are a Bit Early!  I know, I know!  Once it does warm up the plants especially the daffodils and the chives in the herb garden will be growing and blooming like crazy!  Did I mention it has been a very long winter?  Yes, I guess I have.

Seems I can't read fast enough nor get posts together these days.  Brain freeze!  So I will continue to post when there is something to talk about.  It may get busy here shortly, but we are going back down in temperature for the foreseeable future.  It is March in the 'Burgh.  Just looking for a sign that spring is here and it isn't quite yet!  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.


PeggyR said...

Mine look about like that, though the tips are getting nipped by how cold it is here. I think Spring skipped us this year!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I would agree Peggy except that spring just started so we will either have a long cold, cool spring or we will turn the corner soon. I'm hoping for the latter! Thanks as always for stopping by! xo