Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hope the Garage Helps!

This peppermint scented geranium that was doing so well only a few months ago has collapsed! What a difference a few short months makes here. It was in our basement and there is not much of a light source there or it is covered by other plants searching for the light.
As I have said repeatedly, our garage is a magical place for containers in the winter. I'm sorry the Herbal Husband's car takes up so much space! There I said it! We actually thought of making this a workout room/plant room. Put one of those transparent garage doors in. We decided the winters are too cold here to put the transparent door in. The plant beside it (toward the bottom of the picture) is a Habek mint (Mentha longifolia).Habek Mint on Foodista
It is sort of dormant at the moment. I got it several years ago from Mulberry Creek Herb Farm. In their catalog, they call it the authentic mint for tabbouleh. It has very narrow bluish-green leaves. It has seeded once in another part of the garden. Now that the peppermint scented geranium is in the garage, I expect it will make a comeback.

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