Sunday, August 2, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For! Part Two!

Yesterday I thought I was minding my own business, deadheading and pruning my herbs in my garden and containers. Then I heard a whistle from the back of the yard. The Herbal Husband was back in the way back (really not that far) pruning the old canes out of the raspberries. At least that's what I thought was happening! When I got to the way back, here were the branches of a mulberry tree that has been shading out some of our raspberries with more to come!

To make a long story short, we worked on pruning branches out of the trees and then the Herbal Husband worked on pruning out the old canes and making paths in and around the remaining canes. You see we don't have the Penn State prescribed trellising system for our raspberries! That would be too easy! We have to have a structure to it! Similar to a maze that adds character and the possibility of getting your arms and legs scraped by the canes as you pick the berries! I really can't make this up! We did accomplish a lot yesterday and The Herbal Husband said he couldn't have finished without me! Teamwork! Think twice though when you hear that whistle!

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