Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Overwhelmed by the Pile!

The Seed and Plant Catalog Pile Growing by the Day!
Two Herbal Favorites, One US and One Canadian!
East Coast Favorite and West Coast Favorite!
English Favorite
Long Time Favorite, The First Seed Catalog of the Season!
Colorado and California Represented Here!
Connecticut and Wisconsin Represented
The Photos in This Catalog Make You Drool!
A European Company Out of Kansas!
Roses from Oregon
High Mowing Organic Seeds 2013 Cover Taken by the USPS!
Well, it happens every year around this time.  I get overwhelmed by the seed catalogs.  I did a couple of posts about my favorite herb seed catalogs last year and ordered a bunch of different ones and so now more than ever I'm OVERWHELMED!  I am concentrating on herb seeds and plants, but all of these websites have other seeds and plants to offer and accessories.  From top to bottom here are the catalog links:  The Grower's Exchange is from Virginia.  They sell a select number of herbs and flowers and gift items.  I'm looking forward to ordering from them.  More about that later.  I'm still trying to get to my next catalog.  It is on the bucket list.  I keep saying that and I really mean it!  Richters in Goodwood, Canada.  If you go there and buy plants, they will give you paperwork that will get you back into the US with your plants!  You can also do mail order, but I'm waiting for the real trip to go and buy there.

The next two are both from the US, the east coast one is in Maine and is known to you I'm sure, Johnny's Selected Seeds.  The Herbal Husband and I have ordered from them for years.  An employee owned company and has a great selection of herb seeds and some plants, like lemongrass.  The west coast choice from Oregon is Territorial Seeds.  Unusual varieties.

The next choice is an old English favorite, Thompson & Morgan.  I learned botanical names from their catalog.

The first catalog in the door last year was Pinetree Garden Seeds.  We like them because their prices and seed quality have always been reasonable.

The next two are from the western part of the US, Botanical Interests is a company that I have purchased seeds from for several years.  I love the drawings on the seed packets and everything is inclusive, including a name marker.  Next is Seeds of Change from California.  Have ordered from them for several years as well.  Unusual and organic varieties of seeds.

Continuing on with the next photo.  A favorite catalog called Select Seeds from Connecticut specializing in your grandma's flowers.  Next is McClure & Zimmerman from Wisconsin and a bulb and tuber delight.  Not too big on bulbs. (I'm sure they are not happy to hear that!)  If I were though this is one catalog I would be selecting from.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is from Missouri, but they have other locations as well.  Very much into heirloom varieties.  They also have written books and have magazine called the Heirloom Gardener.

Seeds from Italy is the next choice from Kansas.  They sell Franchi seeds, Italy's oldest family run seed business.  They also sell books and accessories to make life easier in the kitchen and more beautiful.

Heirloom Roses is one of many selling roses on the web.  They are located in Oregon.  I have ordered from them for a number of years.  Although you don't see a catalog, if you live in the southern half of the US especially, check out Antique Rose Emporium out of Texas. 

Next to last but certainly not least and not because I don't love their catalog, High Mowing Seeds.  Since we got new mailmen (I think we have a total of four different ones.), our mail is sometimes trashed.  So was the case with this catalog.  I'm just glad the back cover stayed on with my name and address.  They are located in Vermont and are 100% Organic.

One catalog is online and one of my favorites is Renee's Garden Seeds.  Used to be Shepherd's Seeds which was also a favorite.  Renee is online only now.  The sunflowers and nasturtiums were my favorites this past season.  So hopefully you won't be so overwhelmed by my pile of catalogs and have some good ideas for the coming year.  I will add choices as they come in.  A gray day with just a touch of freezing rain and slushy snow!  It's winter!  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.

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