Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Herb Gardens of Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

This is the entrance into the herb garden at the Desert Botanical Garden. In the distance is St. Earth Walking, a sculpture by Robert Wick. The herb garden has seven themed gardens: the Mediterranean Garden whose herbs thrive the best in the desert environment; the Picante Garden which grows a cornucopia of chile pepper varieties; the wildlife garden which grows a combination of different herbs attractive to wildlife; the Medicinal Garden growing plants that are native to the Sonoran Desert; the Sensory Garden, the herbs grown in this garden offer fragrant foliage or blossoms; the Tea Garden, has mints and lemon flavored herbs among other plants and the Culinary Garden, the annual herbs are grown in Arizona in the fall and spring because of the harsh summer weather which they would not stand.

A bench in the Tea Garden gives you shade to rest and enjoy a glass of iced tea. It's Arizona!

The culinary garden has some shade also and basils in bloom!

Here is the Barbara B. Weisz & Family Plaza which holds many of the mediterranean herbs which do so well in the Sonoran Desert area of Phoenix.

A pot full of scented geraniums is surrounded by a bench so that you can relaxed and touch the leaves of these scented marvels. It is a wonderful idea.

The Wildlife Garden yielded a hummingbird and I was so excited because the herbal husband had been "buzzed" several times while we were in Tucson and even at the Honey House, our bed & breakfast! I was rewarded with a visit to the stand of pineapple sage, one of their favorite herbs and a break in the nearby tree!

This herb garden is just a part of the wonderful Desert Botanical Garden. A great part of the Phoenix area.

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