Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Parsley Soup and Herbal Hockey Pucks!

Today was the perfect day for parsley dill soup and Italian Herb Biscuits. Snowing outside. I know, it doesn't stop! The soup was wonderful and biscuits like herbal hockey pucks!
I bought the mix from my favorite herb place, The Rosemary House. Unfortunately, I don't remember when and I think the baking powder was not active enough! The herbal husband still thought they were good. I just get tense when a recipe says roll out. I have to practice some more, but that adds inches to the waistline! Nancy Reppert makes the most magnificent scones on the planet for her afternoon teas at Sweet Remembrances! I think I just have to practice more! I usually overwork the dough also, but not this time. As we go back on the baking sheet they get more irregularly shaped! The back one of the left looks a little like a fish or a bowtie. Taste is what counts and they were very good.

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