Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Had a Herbal Adventure in the West!

My herbal husband and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in the wild west a/k/a Arizona! We had a great time and made Phoenix our base of operations. I drove a lot, but we had fun, saw beautiful scenery and had wonderful weather. In the 90's when we got there, we were in the 70's by yesterday when we came home. We stayed at a bed & breakfast called The Honey House in a quiet neighborhood of Phoenix. Jeanette Irwin is the innkeeper and she really has a paradise in her backyard. Beautiful roses, citrus trees, even a pomegranate tree that had pomegranates on it and a small herb garden. Here are some other pictures:

Phoenix had a very long and hot summer, so the roses suffered a bit. They will come back now that it is cooler. The citrus trees were full of fruit!

This pomegranate tree below is located in the Tucson Botanical Garden. Jeanette's tree had more fruit than this one! The herbal husband's picture was taken with Jeanette's tree. He is shy when it comes to identifying himself for this blog. That's OK. I can tell stories about him and he won't be embarrassed about it!

This is the herb garden that Jeanette uses to cook her marvelous breakfasts each morning.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area, check out The Honey House, it is a great place to stay. More of the adventure tomorrow.

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