Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Spice Box!

Look what I found all wrapped up in my spice (cardboard) box in my basement. My spice stash! There are bay leaves (2009 herb of the year), cinnamon sticks, allspice, whole cloves, nutmeg and rosemary. I bought these spices years ago and they are still aromatic! There is a spice business in Pittsburgh known for its different types of casings for sausages. It is called Pittsburgh Spice and it is located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. The Strip is known for produce, ethnic markets, fish markets, bakeries and restaurants. There is a website now for Pittsburgh Spice and they have over 500 spices listed! Most have to be bought in bulk (or 1 lb. increments), but the prices are very reasonable. They do have smaller quantities, but not for all items. They also have an 800 number. So we will be busy in the coming months thinking of ways to use these spices so I can buy new next year. I will have a further update on the pomander post tomorrow. The house smells wonderful!

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