Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Smell is Intoxicating/The Herbal Jungle!

Today was move day for the herbs that have been hanging out in the garage. So now its an herbal jungle in our basement! The herbal husband kept saying, "The smell is intoxicating!" In this tiny space are four scented geraniums, two lavenders, an allspice tree, a bay rum tree and a bay laurel and a kafir lime and the night-blooming jasmine! The herbal husband was a planner in his former life. We had a really good growing season this year so plants are larger coming into the house. We had one casualty already. The grey fringed lavender that was brought inside has not made it. It happens! Our other inside lavenders are doing just fine. We were also cleaning up the tomato patch outside and found these radishes. The one on the left doesn't look so good, but it probably tastes fine. Will be working on herbal gifts starting tomorrow.

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