Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Travel Friday--Our Home Town!

I have been talking about far away places in my other travel postings. I decided to go local in this one and talk about Pittsburgh, PA. Everyone has the impression that Pittsburgh is a smoky city or the steel city and those definitions are furthest from the truth! Here it is on a beautiful May day this year.
We always take company up Mt. Washington on the incline. The incline is two cars that travel in opposite directions and travel up and down the mountain. Commuters use it every day, but it is an excellent way to get back and forth from Mt. Washington to downtown Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is also known for many famous people who lived and worked here. Andrew Carnegie, George Westinghouse and Henry Clay Frick who built and lived in a place called Clayton. They even made a replica of Phipps Conservatory on the property as a greenhouse. They have a wonderful cafe that serves afternoon tea. The Herbal Husband has taken me for my birthday.

Phipps Conservatory is a beautiful glass house in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. They have a lot of different exhibits and classes for the whole family and a beautiful herb garden as well. You know me I had to end in an herb garden! So this is a little slice of Pittsburgh and I will talk about my home town again in the future postings!

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