Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Goodwin Creek Grey' Lavender Up Close!

Hopefully this will help with your ID of your lavender plant, Pat!  This is from Goodwin Creek's catalog.  'Goodwin Creek Grey' is a hybrid of Lavandula dentata.  It blooms throughout the summer and will even bloom in winter in mild climates.  (It blooms through the winter on a western facing windowsill for us.)  An excellent choice of large containers and topiaries.  (Ours is not in a large container and is doing just fine.)  It has silvery grey leaves and deep purple corollas.  A good choice for hot, humid areas.  Zones 7-10.  Sentences in parentheses are my comments.

This is a French Grey (Lavandula dentata var. candicans).  Hope these closeups are a help for anyone trying to decide what kind of lavender you may have.


Pat said...

Thanks so much for posting the close ups! I can see the "pinked" edges now which look like my little plants. That is the key word - mine are very Little! Yours make quite a statement. I will have to winter them over indoors so wish me luck. I appreciate your info and feedback.
I must go talk to them so they don't feel neglected.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

You're very welcome, Pat. Mine are just starting their second seasons. We may have to plant them out next season and let them do their thing! I'm sure yours will be fine indoors. I would pick a south facing window first and then east or west. We put ours in the windowsill and we have drafty windows and they survive. In northern Wisconsin, you may have to have them on a shelf away from the windowsill since you must get colder than we do? Talking is a good thing. The Herbal Husband and I talk to our babies all the time!