Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Forget Herbs in Containers!

I know we all have herbs in the ground in our gardens.  Don't forget to put some herbs in containers that you can move around your garden and fill in those empty spots during the summer months.  I have tried to do that over the years and they somehow return to the main patio every single time!  I wonder WHO could be messing up my design plans!  Never a dull moment gardening with The Herbal Husband.

This is one of my favorite lavenders, 'Goodwin Creek' lavender Lavendula x 'ginginsii' from Goodwin Creek Gardens in Oregon.  I would use the flowers for potpourri not for food consumption.  It is a beautiful plant and makes it through our winters indoors just fine.

I have written about this particular lavender more than a few times!  Here are my previous posts:

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Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be!  Talk to you later!


taylorsoutback said...

Glad you posted a photo of your Goodwin Creek...I bought 3 in May and they look totally different. Thinking the greenhouse had them mislabeled. The leaves are very long with pronounced "pinked" edges (think there is a proper term for that shape but it escapes me now.) Color is the same though - silvery.
The plants appear very healthy but slow to gain any height & no buds yet. Looks like I need to go through my books??

PeggyR said...

With most of our garden area in river rock, I've been doing more and more container gardening! I love the looks of it.

Little Messy Missy said...

I put my mint in containers because it is so invasive. I plant petunias and marigolds in the oversize pots with them and I really like the way it looks!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I'll take a close up of the leaf for you, Pat.

You don't have much time to have a garden, but I'm sure the containers are cheering you up, Peggy.

Mint in containers is the only way to go, Missy! I remember the rabbits loved our petunias at my mom's house. Maybe that's why I don't plant them, but I do love marigolds, 'lemon gem' are the edible kind.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!