Friday, November 14, 2014

End of the Season in the Herb Garden!

Bye, Bye Pineapple Sage!
Really the growing season in the herb garden was a very long one this year!  The pineapple and tangerine sages have finally bit the dust for another season.  Hopefully one or both of them will seed in the garden for next year.  The tangerine sage was the one to do it this year.  Maybe the pineapple sage will come back next year.  It has happened in other seasons.  You never know.

I live with a lot of canning jars and I'm hoping that one of my master gardening friends who does a harvest class will take them off my hands.  We are still working on how many, but it is going to be a bunch!  Even though I eat a milked up version of tomato sauce, I'm going to be making two more batches of sauce and that will end my quart canning days.  I'll just stick (pun intended) to making jam and jelly until it isn't fun any more or I ruin a few too many batches.

Hope you had a great day.  It definitely wasn't outside for us.  Crisp, cold and sunny day.  Very little snow unlike our neighbors in Ohio.  Glad you didn't send the snow this way!  We are working on various projects inside.  I need to clear off my work table and get my artemisia tree, potpourri and other projects started and finished.  Time is flying by!  Talk to you later.

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