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Raspberry Vinegar Recipe for Tricia Hantke!

Picked on Tuesday, November 4, 2014
I try when I can to fulfill reader's wishes for recipes, ideas, answers for their herbal questions.  Tricia Hantke asked if I could share the raspberry vinegar recipe from the same book as my raspberry jam recipe comes from.  I would be happy to do that.  As you can see from the photo I picked the last raspberries on Tuesday.  It has been a great season for the raspberry!  This vinegar recipe is from the Time-Life Series The Good Cook Preserving by the Editors of Time-Life Books from 1981.

"Raspberry Vinegar
This vinegar, diluted with warm water, is an old remedy for sore throats.  When there were colds about, it was often taken around as a nightcap to children in boarding schools.  It is served in Yorkshire with Yorkshire pudding, as a sweet.

To make about 1 quart [l liter]
2 lb.                                                  raspberries, ripe and dry (about               1 kg.
                                                        4 pints [2 liters])
2 1/2 cups                                        malt vinegar                                             625 ml.
about                                               sugar                                                       about
4 cups                                                                                                             1 liter
Put the berries into a wide-necked jar and mash them well with a wooden spoon; then pour the cold vinegar onto them and leave, covered, for six days.  Stir the mixture each day.
   Now strain the raspberries through a jelly bag without pressing, and measure the liquid.  Measure 2 cups [1/2 liter] of sugar to every 2-1/2 cups [625 ml.] of liquid, and stir together over low heat until the sugar is dissolved.  Boil gently for 10 minutes, removing any scum that rises.  Leave until cold, then pour into bottles and cork firmly.

Gertrude Mann
Berry Cooking"

The only suggestion I would make is to sterilize the jar you use.  The vinegar should be OK on the shelf for six months or so.  Hope this is what you were looking for, Tricia.  I'm always here to answer your herbal questions.  It is sunny but cool here.  A brief warmup and then the Polar Vortex is coming!  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.

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