Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favorite Cat? Yes, He's Gorgeous!

A little history is needed. I had a cat for a very short time in my life. Her name was Tammy. She was banished to the basement by my mother because she used my mother's living room couch as a scratching post. What cat doesn't? She also was found sleeping on the stove after dinner. Not good. Tammy ultimately ran away. Probably she knew I had an allergy and didn't like the basement. Well, this picture does not do Monty any justice. He is much more gorgeous than he looks. He is a big piece of cheddar cheese with caramel stripes and is just as full of character. I don't have him in action. I wish I did. He would come down the walk at the Holden House when we were coming back from dinner and put his paw on the door to be let in the house! Then there was an afternoon that he "played" with the Herbal Husband just outside our room's door. The Herbal Husband stuck his hand out the door moving it around and Monty loved it! Then Monty decided that we must want a personal visit. NOT! He started to come into our room and looked up at me as I was shrieking, NO MONTY! He ran out the door quick! The ultimate was when we went to leave we found Monty in the boot (the trunk) of our car maybe hoping for a ride to London! He does like mischief! Here he is with Angie.


comfrey cottages said...

meeeow! what a gorgeous fella! :)

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, he is a handsome cat!