Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two of the Kids Are Blooming!

Since The Herbal Husband and I do not have kids, we think of our plants as kids once in a while.  I know a little wierd!  Especially when they are behaving and blooming!  A great combination.  This is the Victorian Rosemary that resides in the trough.  Hope we don't get a frost tonight, but I made three recipes of Pineapple Sage Jelly just in case.  I'll share the recipe with you soon.  Got to go smell the night blooming jasmine, the second kid!  We moved it into the garage because of the colder temperatures.  The most amazing smell in the world!  The best!  Talk to you later.


comfrey cottages said...

not weird at all! your kids are lovely! it just says alot about your loving and nurturing heart dear nancy! looking forward to the recipes:) when you bring some of your kids in for the winter, do you have a heated spot that you keep them. just impossible at my home. unheated garage and 8 cats in a hobbit house that has too many mature shade trees to have much light come through the windows. big herbal and honey hugs to you and thanks for sharing:)

lemonverbenalady said...

Some of them come into the heat and some of them into the unheated garage. We still disagree about what goes where! Never a dull moment! A big hug for you always, Leslie!;>}