Friday, December 30, 2011

An Herbal Year in Review!

January 1, 2011
First, I think 2012 is going to come in much like 2011 did!  Here is a photo of the garden on January 1 and you will see in a couple of days that it is much the same.

Float Plane Trip Going to Whistler, BC, Canada in May, 2011
We had several trips this year.  Probably more than we were entitled to, but they were great.  Starting in May with Vancouver and our float plane trip to Whistler.  I will never forget that ride!  It was fabulous.
Apothecary's Rose and Rosa Mundi in June, 2011
We got to spend June here with our Gallica roses, the Apothecary's Rose and Rosa Mundi.  I bring this up because 2012 the Rose is the Herb of the Year!  Yippee!
Overlooking Some Lavender in the Town of Sault, France, July, 2011
I just had a mess of stuff ticked off the bucket list this year including driving in the south of France (Not!) and visiting the lavender fields.  It was a thrill of a lifetime and maybe now that the garden is done, I can post a couple posts about the trips.  I have posted a few things but I need to finish both Vancouver and Europe!  We'll have lots to talk about!

A Glorious Rose Called 'The Fairy' in September, 2011
We spent the rest of the summer trying to get the garden in some kind of shape for the offseason.  Some plants got fried in the heat and some didn't do well without supplemental water.  It was a mixed bag, but most herbs survived even neglected as they were.  'The Fairy' rose always seems to do well in our garden.  I'm trying to sneak a few other bushes in the garden.  We have a red one that we just bought this season and it bloomed a lot, but didn't get much size.  Hopefully, 2012 (Rose is the Herb of the Year!) it will do very well.

Lemon Verbena Attacked by the Stink Bug, but Still Producing Leaves in October, 2011
Yes, my dear herb, lemon verbena was attacked by the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, but it continued to produce leaves and made batches of lemon verbena jelly.  I have a new recipe I need to try before posting it for you. 
A Mini Spice Wreath for Christmas Gifts, December 2011
The last few weeks of the year were really productive for me.  I made several wreaths of both potpourri and spice to give as Christmas gifts.  I made a few tea bags with a new blend and generally had a great time.  Hopefully, 2012 will be a wonderful herbal year for us all.  I'm coming up on 1,000 posts and I just don't know how the time flew by so quickly!  I'm going to try and recategorize my posts so they will be easier to find!  Break the "Favorite Herbs" down so they are maybe annual, perennial, biennial and tender perennial.  Well, it will take me some time, but I think it will be helpful to all of my dear and devoted readers.

So The Herbal Husband and I want to wish you a very safe and happy new year and I'll talk to you again next year!


taylorsoutback said...

Dear Nancy - you have had quite a year...the photo of you in that sweet sun hat by the Lavender fields is so nice & something I dream of doing one day.

Maybe I will finally be brave and introduce a rose into my gardens again. Except for my Therese Bugnet's nothing has stayed.

Be prepared - we are under a winter storm advisory for late tonight and into might be headed your way. Tonight we will stay safely home by the fire and toast in the New Year.

Looking forward to your next trip photos!

Happy New Year.

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks TO. Planning to stay home as well tonight. We will be in the 50's somewhere today and part of tomorrow and then the bottom is supposed to drop out, but it is December almost January. It has been a wonderful year of travel. Thanks for all of your comments and friendship! xxoo Nancy

Rosa-Munda said...

Happy New Year Nancy.
Ros x

lemonverbenalady said...

Happy New Year to you, Ros! xxoo Nancy

corinne said...

What a lovely retrospect to your year. I love it. Winter cold has hit Kentucky but not much snow.

I wish you the best in 2012

lemonverbenalady said...

Just spotted your comment, Corinne! Hope you have a great year in 2012 as well!