Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Return of Muffin Sundays!

Start Out With A Fresh Fruit Salad

Then Have a Couple of Rosemary Raisin Muffins

Just in Time for Christmas, the Rosemary is Blooming!
Well, since The Herbal Husband does a lot (Just about all.  I can't get a turn!  Although today I'm going to be cooking and baking all day!) of the cooking, I do all of the baking.  I have tried since I've lost weight to not eat as many sweet items as before.  They do catch up to you.  The Herbal Husband has to have something sweet at the end of dinner each night.  We usually have Jello or he has 1/2 of a Klondike and I have a yogurt cup.  I digress.  When Bonnie and I were up at Kathleen's Village Herb Shop on Friday, she had it jam packed with holiday treats.  Bonnie and I both noticed separately a packaged mix from The Invisible Chef for Rosemary Raisin Muffins.  Under the word Directions it states "Perfect for parties, brunch or any time you need a special treat!"  Well, Muffin Sunday always has to have a special treat.  These were so yummy!  They didn't need my jelly.  They had tons of flavor with rosemary, golden raisins and toasted pecans.  Can't wait to get back to Kathleen's to get more mix.  She had stocked up on our favorite lemon bread mix, but I didn't need it!  Once panettone season is over, we'll be baking our lemon cake for afternoon tea!  One more thing!  Just in time for the holidays our prostrate rosemary is blooming in the garage.  A beautiful sight!


Comfrey Cottages said...

sounds delicious!!! i love rosemary in breads, so muffins sounds perfect xx

lemonverbenalady said...

We have been having them with our afternoon tea, CC! They are delish!