Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Less Mowing! Yippee!

My dream has always been to get rid of the lawn mower someday!  Unfortunately it hasn't happened fast enough.  Although I started at about an hour and a half, almost two hours worth of mowing and I'm at around an hour.  Hoping for near zero in the next few years.  Hope you have had a great day.  Just submitted my next post of Herb Companion on my favorite, lemon verbena.  Some different recipes and one surprise that I didn't expect from a reader who had a question.  Weather is beautiful here in the 'Burgh.  Talk to you later.


Barbara said...

I'm with you! Down with grass!

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Barbara! Just wish it could happen tomorrow! It's moving at a snail's pace!

Anonymous said...

Lawns are so pointless on the whole. I would get rid of ours, but we plan on moving within the next couple of years, so we have to stick with what is expected in a garden.

FlowerLady said...

We have done away with most of the lawn we had when we moved in here 39 years ago. It still takes me about 45 minutes to mow though. But, I really don't mind mowing. It looks so nice after it is done. Pulling weeds and vines is another story, never ending and they just won't give up. We had a 5 year drought so not much was growing, but that ended earlier this summer and now we live in a jungle that I can hardly keep up with.

I look forward to saying our weather is beautiful. As of now, it's still very warm and very humid.

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

PeggyR said...

Oh I don't mow anymore, we have landscapers. You must have a large lot.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, that is an issue when you are planning on moving. We may have the opposite issue when we move. There will be no grass for the kids to play on!

FL, you have a beautiful jungle, but I just can't abide the humidity. Ours is bad enough.

We couldn't have landscapers, Peggy. Too many flower beds and I'm afraid they would weed whack everything!

Thanks for stopping by ladies.