Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Healthy Patch of Tansy!

I have been lobbying The Herbal Husband to "move" this tansy to another location in the garden. The compost pile! It is aggressive and I would love to be able to plant other herbs there for the company we are going to get later this summer. Just when I thought there was movement toward moving some of it, I looked this morning and found LADYBUGS on the tansy!
Well, can't move the tansy NOW! Look how they love it! If there are ladybugs on it, it may not be as healthy as I think it is! Maybe this is another plant they winter over on! Timing is everything and maybe there is a reason not to move the tansy now. I'll label this part of my herb garden, The Herbal Husband's and Ladybug Central's Tansy!

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