Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Trip--Fallingwater!

No, you say to yourself, "That doesn't look like Fallingwater!" You are correct. It's not! I was going to write a wonderful story about Frank Lloyd Wright even had room for an herb garden at Fallingwater. They have planted new herbs in the bed. It actually looks a little better than my garden at the moment! They have security cameras everywhere now even at the famous outlook that shows the house and falls. Just picture it, because I can't show it to you. I got some outside pictures when I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures! Oops! I even pleaded my case to take pictures of the herb garden! Our guide was by the book! I didn't want my blog shut down or taken away. So click on the link above and you will get a glimpse of what we saw today.

Seriously, if you are going to be in the western Pennsylvania area this summer, please come and see one of the Smithsonian Institution's 28 Sights to See Before You Pass to the Great Beyond! There are only two in this country and the others are in the west (the Grand Canyon) and other places in the world (too far)! Oh, the picture above is of a lone trillium along the path to the house that you can't see because they don't want just any picture of Fallingwater on the internet. I'm sure there are thousands of pictures of Fallingwater out there, just not one of mine! The trillium trail protected by deer fencing is in full bloom in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh. Hope you get to enjoy it!


Comfrey Cottages said...

wow! i just thoroughly explored the link nancy and all i can say is wow! my hubby studied architecture and would love to see this!how organic the house looks in its setting! i had never seen this before so appreciate you posting about it. weird they wouldn't let you take pics i think! wonder why? thanks for sharing! big hugs :)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

You would really enjoy it. I had film taken when I took a picture of the stage (per the Herbal Husband's request) at intermission at Phantom of the Opera. That was copyright infringement. This is just strange, but I really don't want to ruffle feathers. We have seen it in all seasons. Hot chocolate, snow and Fallingwater! It is wonderful! Big hug to you!