Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road Trip--Niagara Falls, NY!

We started our visit with Old Fort Niagara! Its history spans more than 300 years. This is the French Castle. It was originally the sole structure of Fort Niagara and made to look like a large trading house to calm the Iroquois. The Castle has been restored to its 1727 appearance. It is harsh reality. This is the Commander's quarters. Much nicer than the enlisted men.The Fort is
located at the confluence of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario.

What is most amazing is that they had a very small herb garden. The wind was fierce and these herbs were doing surprisingly well. These chives in the pot were going to bloom! There was hyssop and thyme near the chives. The herbs in the raised bed on this end are tarragon, lovage, lavender and Roman chamomile. It is a testament to the hardiness of some herbs in adverse conditions! There was also rhubarb, garlic, kale and onions further down the bed. So if you have a wind problem where you garden, consider growing some of these herbal hardy souls!

We stayed at a very nice place called The Red Coach Inn. It reminded the Herbal Husband and I of England! We had a beautiful little apartment. Again, very English in decor. It was very charming! The gardens out front were getting blown to bits by the wind and they were very hardy plants, including lavender, roses, hostas, and ajuga to name a few. P.S. You should stay two nights if you can. I drove four hours up yesterday and four hours back today! A lot nuts! Here is a final picture of the Bridal Veil Falls! Powerful and beautiful all at the same time!

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