Friday, May 1, 2009

What's That Blocking My View?

The Cuban oregano that was once just a stick has gone out of control! It truly is blocking my view out our kitchen window! The one good view that we have of the garden is from this window! All in the name of plants! We are in the home stretch of indoor plant season and I don't think we had such a good year. As I have said in previous postings, I know we brought too many plants in. We had too many in the basement that needed to be in the garage. A partial list we lost are rosemary, old fashioned rose scented geranium and lavenders. Remember those beautiful plants. We are down to two lavenders. This one below is the 'Goodwin Creek' lavender. It does very well. Although the Herbal Husband said to me the other day. I forgot to water the lemon verbena and lavender in the living room windows! YIKES, we almost lost them too! The Herbal Husband salvaged a cutting of the peppermint scented geranium and it is thriving next to the Cuban oregano. Hurry up warm weather! These herbal babies need to be outside!

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