Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Great Way to Kick Off A Conference!

There were Printed Invitations!
It Was Quite The Menu Based on Jekka's Herb Cookbook!
The Buffet Table
My Dinner Plate
A Massive Purple Sage or Maybe More than One!
Wooly Thyme Between the Stepping Stones
The Quilt That Will be Raffled Off At the Conference!
I feel fortunate that I was invited to tonight's dinner.  Most of these ladies that were there have been working very hard for awhile now to get ready for the next several days and the national conference that will showcase Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  Like some of them said it will be gone in a flash!  It was a very well conceived and executed supper!  It was delicious.  They used recipes from Jekka's Herb Cookbook.  I will definitely be making some of the recipes.  The last two photos are of my friend, Paula's garden or should I say herb plants that make me envious!  That purple sage is a real specimen plant or maybe plants.  I'm jealous for sure.  The wooly thyme between the stepping stones is a perfect use.  I would love a path through my garden like that. The very last photo is of the quilt that was worked on my members of the Western Pennsylvania Unit and will be raffled off at the Conference!  A beautiful job.  The members used the Elizabethan Garden which is one of the Units pet projects as their template and printed the fabric using herbs.  May have to buy some tickets for that beauty!    It was a great evening, Paula!  Thanks for including me in the celebration.  Now the countdown starts until Jekka arrives tomorrow night.  I'll fill you in tomorrow.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely conference menu, and the quilt, wow. What a beauty! I can see why you would be envious of the purple sage. I can only grow so many herbs down here as most do NOT like our heat and humidity.


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks for coming by FlowerLady! Heat and humidity can be a big problem here as well, but not like you have it!