Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Wonderful Meal at Kazan's-London, England-May 2014

A Kazan's Delight or Maybe Two!
Olives and Bread
The Sultan's Shish Kebabs
Sut Lac-Rice Pudding
Spiced Turkish Tea
Thought an overview of my trip might be appropriate here and I had already done it!  Here is a link to a post called:  An Overview of My England Trip 2014!  Really I have wonderful friends in England and my English friend, Gloria who lives in Spain, who is always up for my adventures.  I'm blessed to have all of these fabulous people in my life.

One of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood where I stay in London is Kazan's.  It is Turkish cuisine and I always enjoy going there.  I have lunch or dinner at least a couple of times.  So as a treat to myself on my last evening, I had a Kazan Delight.  It is apple and pomegranate juice with fresh pomegranate seeds and rose petal syrup.  I might have had two of those.  Then instead of an appetizer, I just had the olives and bread which were more than enough.  My entree was the lamb (you can also have chicken) kebabs with rice and salad.  To finish my delicious meal, I did have their rice pudding which is a favorite of mine and spiced Turkish tea.   The perfect finish to a wonderful trip.

Well, it is going to be warming up and we are hopefully going to be out in the garden sometime this week.  The Herbal Husband is especially anxious to get things started.  We don't even have the ornamental grasses cut back yet!  It was a long and cold winter!  Hope spring lasts a while.  Seems we  jump right into summer lately.  Hopefully it is warming up wherever you are.  Talk to you later.   

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