Monday, March 2, 2015

Please Wish Him a Happy Birthday!

Same Old Thing in March!
Early March is all about The Herbal Husband.  What I really wanted to say is Happy Birthday to The Herbal Husband.  He has made it another year!  I gave him a card that made him King for the day and I go back to Queen tomorrow!  The dear boy had to feed the birds this morning so he is out trying to clean the driveway so we can get the car out!  It is an icy mess!

Nobody flipped the switch or got the message here that March has arrived and the weather should change!  Well, March is known for being a roller coaster weather wise.  I hear next week we are going to have weather in the 60's!  Can only look forward. 

Taking The Herbal Husband out to TGI Friday's tonight for dinner.  The birds were celebrating his birthday with a little treat of their own.  Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.

Birds Enjoying Their Birthday Treat!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Herbal Husband and may you have many more.

Dear LVL I know you two will have a great celebration tonight.

Wow, the 60's next week sounds wonderful.

Love & hugs to you both from another Pisces ~ FlowerLady

Pat said...

Sending Birthday Wishes from the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin. Today is quite pleasant but tomorrow we will be shoveling again and unfortunately what ever is left over may be headed your way.. As gardeners, we know Spring will get here - just when is the question. Keep warm and enjoy the sunshine.

PeggyR said...

Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Herbal Husband
Wishing you many more and a day full of good things. Enjoy your
dinner tonight.
Where is that switch here in Michigan it is snow sleet and rain oh not a good mix!!
you both take care
Darlene North