Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Herbal Memories Preserved!

A Calendar Full of Memories from 2015 for 2016!
A Photo Book from My 2015 England Trip!
Sometimes it's all about memories in the garden!  As the seasons and years are seemingly flying by, Shutterfly has made a big difference in remembering for The Herbal Husband and me.  I also get coupons from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  So every once in a while and there have been at least three occasions already this year, Shutterfly has offered "free" (You pay shipping and handling.) items as you see above through Jo-Ann Fabric's coupons.  The Photo Book was first right after I came back from my England trip and then the calendar came as a year end perk.  I think they both turned out very well.  Shutterfly is always offering deals of some kind!  I am sure that I will have to do the calendar again for 2017 and make two, one for me and one for The Herbal Husband!  He was a little jealous!  Two posts left until the end of the year and I already have my topics lined up!e

We are deep into the depths of our gray days here in the 'Burgh and we are having one more mild day today before the chill sets in.  The weather has just been crazy and not good for a lot of you in the Midwest and South!  I will be back tomorrow with an insect update!  Talk to you then!


Pat said...

Love the idea of gathering memories into calendars and albums. You have certainly had lots of good herbal memories to gather too! We have compiled special books for each of our Alaska trips - I told Mr. Outback we best catch up and finish book #5 from 2014 because trip #6 is coming up this summer - 2016....and it will be a very busy year!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi TO,
Glad to hear from you. Yes, I think they give you a brief (in most cases a review)of all the adventures of a trip). It really will be a blessing to have them in my rocking chair! I'm sure you can't wait to see the kids in Alaska in 2016! Lucky you! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Outback! xo