Saturday, December 5, 2015

My 2015 England Adventure with A Gardening Dynamo, Marion and the University of Bristrol Botanic Garden!!

The Holmes--A Residence Hall and Conference Center
Have to Pay Attention and Keep Up with Marion!
Two Great Minds of Gardening in the Herb Garden!
As I think I mentioned last time I went to England I met my garden inspiration, Marion Monahan from Bristol, England.  She was friends on Facebook with Debs Cook and they made plans to meet up when I was there last year.  The trend has continued and we met up with Marion on Sunday because for some reason the Bristol Botanic Garden isn't open on Saturdays.  It works out fine because then we wouldn't be able to spend time with Jekka at the farm or Marion at the Botanic Garden or her amazing garden.

We picked up Marion this year at her house and then went to the botanic garden.  If you have forgotten Marion was a volunteer for centuries (just kidding) but years at the botanic garden and she raised a large family as well and had a career.  I bow to your stamina, Marion!  She took us on a tour again at the botanic garden and it was just as new and exciting for her and us as it must have been the first time she volunteered.  She has the same enthusiasm and energy about the botanic garden as Jekka has for her herb farm and herbetum.  Plants in general are just so comforting and healing all in the same breath.  I just love learning about plants from all of these ladies.  Marion, Jekka and Debs each have their own little fount of knowledge that I just love to listen to each of them talk about their favorites.  So amazing to be in their presence.  And BTW, Jekka has taken over organization of the herb garden at the botanic garden and started right away with new signage!  P.S. you need to fix those terrible green signs!

Then we went back to Marion's house to see her amazing huge garden!  You either feel inferior or you just are amazed at what she gets done a little bit at a time.  She trials all of these new plants for various vendors.  She had seedlings coming along for one specific space in the garden.  And she had time to make Scottish scones for our visit!

We are having beautiful days in the herb garden, but we did have frost last night.  I might have finally lost my calendulas.  I will go out later and see.  Hopefully I can still get some blooms for Christmas!  So hope you have entered my annual jam and jelly giveaway.  Time is running out!  Names will be drawn this coming Tuesday, December 8, 2016 at 10 AM.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  I will talk to you tomorrow!

Doesn't This Path Make You Want to See What's in the Garden?
Marion with Her Potted Herb Potager!
Her Seedlings for the Garden!
Delicious Scottish Scones!
Debs, Marion and Me Enjoying Our Time Together!

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