Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My 2015 England Adventure at the Spice Festival at Kew Gardens!

A Sunday Market on the Walk to Kew!
The Produce and Fruit Look Great!
A New Restaurant to Have Afternoon Tea?

Had to Have My Morning Scone and Cuppa!
King William's Temple

A Celebration of Saffron!
Information on Pepper and
Ginger And
Vanilla Among Others!
Giving The Scoville Units Scale Life!
Presentations and Food Tastings All Day Long!
Keik Serving Lunch!
Love the Gate of the Student Vegetable Plots!
Part of the Plant Family Beds!
Waterfall in the Rock Garden!
It Was Definitely a Two Scone and Cuppa Day at Kew!
A Beautiful Display of Containers at Kew!
I always try to come up with extras during the time I am on vacation in England.  Doesn't necessarily have to be gardening inspired, but I did find that Kew Gardens were having Spice Festivals on Sundays in October.  I had been to Kew on my last visit and I wasn't planning on going back this visit, but I thought it would be a fun day!  Soo I bought a ticket online and took the Tube to Kew.  When you come out of the Tube station there is a lovely group of shops and restaurants to greet you.  On this particular Sunday and maybe it is every Sunday for the neighborhood, there was a market.  The markets bring the neighborhoods together no matter where in the world you are.

So on to the Spice Festival at Kew.  There were lots of vignettes all over the grounds and so you saw a lot of the gardens and learned about different spices.

My favorite part was finding out whether I was a supertaster or not.  Just by putting a piece of special paper on your tongue, you could find out if you were a supertaster, a taster or a non-taster.  Because my paper just tasted like paper, I am a non-taster.  So I wondered with my GERD, and if I can't have chili or spicy food, what spice should I be eating and the speaker's response was ginger and horseradish!  Both of which I can tolerate!  And after this visit to Kew, I think I will always go to Kew on my England vacations because there is just so much to see and enjoy.  I also want to have a cream tea at the Kew Greenhouse.  Always up for scones and tea! 

We finally have bright sunshine and warm temperatures in the herb garden today!  Even warmer tomorrow!  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be!  Talk to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I learned so much from this post...now it makes more sense about peoples likes/dislikes of different foods.
I just have to say that the places you are taking me/us via this blog are so enlightening. I am having a great time on this trip! I laughed when you said that you took the "tube"....well, of course that is what they call it--but the first thought that popped into my head was a cardboard paper towel tube... I'm not making fun of it at all, it just made me chuckle! Thanks for the great post! :)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks for stopping by and your comment, Bev! Funny how I just think in British English sometime and especially when I am across the pond! Coming to the end of my England posts. So stay tuned! xo