Sunday, December 20, 2015

My 2015 England Adventure on Kensington Roof Gardens, The Muffin Man and Kensington Palace!

The Plaque Dedicated to the Landscape Architect!
The Entrance Wall

Reminds Me of Our House!
A Bridge on a Roof!
Part of the Woodland Garden
Mandarin and Carolina Wood Ducks Live Here!
And Four Flamingos!
The Spanish Garden is My Favorite!
Inspired by the Alhambra in Spain

Always Forget to Plant this Annual Verbena bonariensis

The Yucca Was in Bloom!
As Was the Nasturtiums!
All This On Top of a Building in London!
Derrick and Lucy from Liverpool!
The View from the Babylon Restaurant!

Tea at the Muffin Man
Kensington Palace
The Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace
The Orangery at Kensington Palace
A Tribute to Queen Victoria
So I don't always get to see the Kensington Roof Gardens when I visit London.  I was very happy to have Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Limited Edition group buy the gardens in 1981.  It is not as easy to see the gardens because of corporate events, charity functions and weddings.  So I try to leave a couple of days blank for shopping and to fit this wonderful garden into my adventures.  Fortunately there is a website and they let you know week to week when they are open.  It is always a good idea to call too because there may be a last minute change.

So off I went to Kensington High Street (Main Street) and surprisingly I remembered that the entrance is on Derry Street.  Because it is a building that has other tenants, you have to check in with the security desk.  Once you get in the elevator and come out to the entrance, you forget you are in the middle of London.  There are three distinct garden settings, Spanish, a Woodland garden and a Tudor garden that is more of three patios.  I was by myself for a bit of time and then a family came along and interrupted my solitude, but I am glad they did.  You see the photo of Derrick (sorry if I'm spelling your name incorrectly) and his wife, Lucy were there to celebrate Derrick's birthday with their family.  They came to the gardens and then they were going to see the Lion King!  A lovely couple that reminded me of our friends, Jim and LaVerne!  It was a joy to have them interrupt the peace with their joy!  It was their first time in London too!  Very excited for them!

I then had a tip from the Reppert sisters about going to The Muffin Man for tea.  It was a late morning/early afternoon tea.  Very simple.  Tomato and cucumber sandwiches mixed and a piece of Victoria sponge and another new favorite tea, Lady Grey.  It was delicious.  So I had a bit of time to do another adventure and I found I was near to Kensington Palace that once was home to Princess Diana and more recently Prince William and Kate.  The sunken garden was still lovely and I found The Orangery has made itself more of a restaurant.  It may be a new place for afternoon tea for my next visit!  So I hope you are enjoying my adventures to England.  Tomorrow we will be at Kew Gardens!

Seasonably cold here, but no snow!  Will be warmer starting tomorrow right through Christmas!  Hope you are having a great Sunday.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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