Friday, September 9, 2011

Look What I Found!

The Herbal Husband was very excited the other day.  He said you have to come and see what I found in the garden.  Call it look what I found (or planted) in the back of the garden.  A papaya tree!  I'm not kidding!  And guess what is coming inside for the winter.  A papaya tree!  You may ask, LVL, do you have room for this papaya tree?  I would answer you, probably not, but you know The Herbal Husband.  Where there is a papaya tree, there had better be a space inside the house or no more papaya tree!  I just try to limit the exposure and damage to everything that comes inside.  With all of the brown marmorated stink bugs we have now, that will be one major insect that we have to careful not to let come in for the winter.  You can go around the garden and knock them into a jar of soapy water.  I have to change the name of my jar from beetle juice to stink bug juice!  I'm sure we have a few already inside.  I'm sure I told you about the day I went to the coat closet and one walked out.  They are all over the raspberries!  Yikes! They are really causing damage and there are a lot of them everywhere in our garden.   I was reading today about an Asian Wasp that may be a predator.  I'm going to buy a bunch of them if it proves to be correct.  Well, hope you had a good day.  Working on timing my demo for the Fair.  Talk to you later.

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