Tuesday, September 13, 2011

They Started Our Garden Twenty Plus Years Ago!

Impatiens started our garden 20 plus years ago.  So it is fitting that it would reappear again because of the wind or the birds.  It is funny how flowers come and go and then come back again.  Our neighbors annual flowers are impatiens.  So maybe it is a  gift from them!  Hope you are having a good day wherever you may be.  I'm going to be with Miss C later today after her volleyball practice.  We are going out to dinner just the two of us.  I think she will do most of the talking!  Looking forward to spending time with her.  I think the basil will need to be cut tomorrow.  We are going to have temperatures in the 40's tomorrow night!  Basil doesn't do well.  Making a new jelly flavor.  Talk to you later.


Pat said...

I love those little volunteers..such an unexpected pleasure. Right now there is a tiny clump of pansies that came up on their own in the midst of the thyme...I wouldn't pull it out for the world and they both are playing nice together.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Those are the fun events of an herb garden, TO! Thanks as always for stopping by!