Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chateau Val-Joanis, Pertuis, France, Part Three

A Beautiful Vitex Tree

Just Loved the Garden Ornamentation!

Love the Crow on the Post!

Loved the Fence Giving the Ornamental Grass More Structure!
Pears on Poles!  Say That Three Times Fast!

Apples on Pyramidal Shapes
Smoke Trees in the Distance

Another French Rose, An Herb of the Year

Lemon Verbena!
The gardens of Chateau Val-Joanis were conceived by Cecile Chancel in 1978 and with the advice of garden landscaper, Tobie Loup de Viane, she created three terraces, the potager with vegetables, herbs and flowers,  the second terrace for flowers and the third terrace for ornamental grasses, trees and flowers.  It used stones salvaged from a Roman pool in an area protected from the Mistral wind.  It is a remarkable garden.  This is the final part for this remarkable garden.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  It is like a furnace outside.  The Herbal Husband soldiers through and I'm like a wilted lily!  Hope you had a great day.  Talk to you soon.


Carol said...

Beautiful photos! It's hot, hot, hot here too....and with this wave we have the humidity :0( Hopefully we'll get some rain soon.

FlowerLady said...

What a wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing. I need to go back in your blog to catch earlier posts.

It's been miserable here too.


lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks ladies. It is just so miserable here. Playing inside instead of out! Finding things like cleaning off my work table in the basement. Anything to stay cool! xxoo Nancy