Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally Out Working in the Herb Garden!

Yellow Jackets and Wasps Are Drinking from This Birdbath

Early Brown Figs!  Will Have Two Crops!
Cut the Seeds from the Lovage Plant.  Will Use Them Like Celery Seeds.

Keep Deadheading the Calendulas.

Deadheaded the Lady's Mantle
Looks Much Better After It's Trim
Where My 'Morris Midget' Boxwoods Used To Live.

Hopefully the Two on the End Will Start to Thrive!
So that was my day in the garden.  Hope you had a great day as well.  The weather is hot, but not nearly as hot as it was over the weekend.  We are in the mid 80's instead of the mid 90's!  I have added a new favorite blog about bugs from one of my favorite teachers and humans on the planet, Jessica Walliser.  Jessica tried to teach me everything she knew about horticulture when I got my certificate at Phipps some years back.  She is working on her fourth book for Timber Press to be published next year.  So check it out.  It's called Bug Blog.  Talk to you later.


Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Oh how I envy you the figs! Some years ago I visited a friend in France and she gave me a fresh fig to try, straight from the tree. It was the most delicious fig I have ever tasted, still warm from the sun. The supermarket figs don't come close.
I'm glad it has cooled down a little for you.
Off to check the Bug Blog.

Barbara The Healthy Nut said...

I never looked back(at celery seed) once I found out how lovage seeds tasted. Here's a link to my all time favorite recipe using lovage seed. It's a family favorite.


lemonverbenalady said...

Oh, fresh figs are the best, Tracey. Hope you enjoy my friend's blog.

Thanks for the link Barbara. I'll check it out.

Bernideen said...

Your garden looks wonderful! A+