Friday, July 13, 2012

My White Garden

OK, that big white flower on the left hand side doesn't count because it's a metal sculpture.  The plant in the back that looks little gray or white is the mountain mint I wrote a post about earlier this month.  Now that it has bloomed, it has a whitish cast to the bloom.  On the far right is a white phlox that was picked out by The Herbal Husband because of it's fragrance called 'Fujiyama'.  I know, I should have bought 'David'.  Because basically 'Fuyiyama' gets a terrible (and it is so bad it is embarrassing case) of powdery mildew most years.  I have wanted to remove it from the garden and The Herbal Husband is hanging on to it for dear life!  This year you almost can't tell it has it!  I thought it got it when it was hot and dry, but I guess it gets it when it is cool and wet.  I get totally confused on symptoms and when diseases occur.  Maybe that's why I'm not an active master gardener at the moment!  OK, we're working on getting the nasturtiums into the ground.  Then we have the viburnum to get into the ground and we will be done!  Always something going on in the garden.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Been working on a new post of The Herb Companion about virtual herbal vacations.  Hope to get it submitted for next week.  Talk to you later.


Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

I have the same phlox, four of them, which had the same powdery mildew for several years. I too was thinking of getting rid of them. Last year I cut them down to ground level when they were flowering, and the advice was not to compost, but to burn everything. New growth began almost immediately and I left that alone. This year not one of them is showing signs of mildew, they would normally be covered by now. I hated cutting them down when they were flowering, but it seems to have done the trick.

FlowerLady said...

Virtual herbal vacations. I like that and look forward to your post and taking one or two of these.

Your white blooms look wonderful. Love that sculpture too.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Cottage Tails said...

A white garden is always just beautiful!
Love Leanne

lemonverbenalady said...

Interesting Tracey. I don't think I would get The Herbal Husband interested in cutting them back while they were blooming! I just am mystified, but glad they aren't infected at the moment. They are just now blooming so we will see.

Yes, I thought maybe a lot of readers would be in the mood to take an armchair vacation. I think you will enjoy FL. Thanks for your encouragement.

White is always good in a garden, Leanne. I like a lot of color so white for me is more of a neutral.

Thanks for stopping by ladies and making my day. You all have a great weekend! xxoo Nancy

taylorsoutback said...

Always learning new things when I visit here! Wonder if cutting down my red bee balm/monarda would have the same effect in ridding the plants of mildew? They are on a corner with good air flow & still have that problem.

Our David phlox always do well in the front garden - so far no issues with the p.m. Had to have "David" - our son's name!