Thursday, July 5, 2012

More on Nicotiana!

Since I got a couple of questions about the nicotiana in my previous post, I decided to expand it with its own post.  I spoke with the gardener on our property (The Herbal Husband) and he told me that these particular nicotiana came back from the roots!  I think that means the plant made it through the winter.  That doesn't often happen!  In fact I don't think it ever has.  Warmer winter.  He does throw seeds other places.  The seeds are very tiny, but they seem to like our garden.  I have always known nicotiana as flowering tabacco, Barbara the Healthy Nut.  I know you can use it in moonlight gardens because it has white flowers and it is fragrant.  Some of you may know it as moon flowers.

Here is a link to an article by Ingrid Graff from The Herb Companion magazine called Plant a Moonlight Garden.  It also has a link for a list of Moonlight Garden Plants designed by Carolee Snyder of Carolee's Herb Farm in Hartford City, Indiana.  Really we have kept them watered but they have done especially well in the heat and humidity.  Faith also asked if it is fragrant at night.  Yes, Faith, it is more fragrant at night, but it has some fragrance even in the day.  I even like that it has "volunteered" among the arborvitaes!  We went to see Moonrise Kingdom.  A bit weird.  Not sure I liked it or would recommend it.  Saw People Like Us today and I would recommend this.  It was good with a good cast.  Going to be close to 100 tomorrow!  I know some of you have been in the 100's for multiple days.  I have to be out early picking raspberries tomorrow or I may wilt not melt, like you know who in the Wizard of Oz.  OK, I'm getting silly.  Talk to you later.


Faith said...

Thank you for the of the ladies I used to work with has these in her yard, and she said the fragrance is lovely and it was one of her favorites...The name rang a bell with me, I'm glad you gave us more info I'll have to look into this one as well..

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Ouch 100 degrees? It is coming to us next week and I am planning to work in the garden at night.

I have Nicotiana in my book Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots, it HAD to be included in the Moonlight Garden for kids. I love its scent.

Sending love,


lemonverbenalady said...

You are very welcome, Faith. Trying to pay attention comments and if there are other questions, I'll try to do another post!

Yes, Sharon, can't wait for the cool down. Hope the AC hangs in!

Thanks ladies for stopping by as always! xxoo Nancy

Barbara The Healthy Nut said...

Thanks for the info on Nicotiana. I think the seeds I have are for another annual nicknamed Moon Flower but in the Datura family. The flowers are also white and larger and it also is recommended for a moonlight garden. (obviously) I always get these two plants mixed up for some reason. I have the seeds but did not plant them this year, as they were out of my sight at the precise moment I would have been doing seeds.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, yes, BHN, Datura family, we have had them in the garden as well. I had one called Cornucopia which was a purple and white one that was beautiful. Glad the info was helpful and you helped me with the Datura connection.

Pammy said...

I've got it growing down here in Texas Nancy and it is hanging in there. My first time to grow it tho...and we have it in a wooded area so it wouldn't be in the full sun. Seems very happy...but no blooms yet? I want to smell them sooo bad!!! =D

lemonverbenalady said...

It is delicious in the evening, Pammy! Hope you get some blossoms soon! Hope it doesn't need sun to bloom!:( xxoo Nancy