Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Herbal Cleanup Day

We had a rainy day today and so I got to work inside at my work table in the basement. People ask all of the time how I much of my herb garden I use each season. I never get a good answer out of that question. The answer should probably be not enough. I dried my dill using paper towels. It is a very reliable way and you get to reuse the towels with a bonus of a dilly smell to them.

Because I live with canning jars everywhere. I placed the dill in a jar and placed a label with the date on it because you ideally what to use the herb within a year. Also, check out the tomatoes are finally coming in! Nothing like a peanut butter and tomato sandwich!

You want to label the herbs you are drying because you never know when you get to the end of the season and you find this herb at the bottom of the dill pile! Yikes! What is this herb? Believe it or not, I remember and I will share my answer with you in the next posting.


Rosemary said...

OK... you lost me with the idea of a peanut butter and tomato sandwich!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I grew up in Kittanning, PA. When I was a legal secretary, I was eating my lunch at my desk when my typewriter repairman was fixing my typewriter. I'm dating myself!! He asked, what are you eating and when I told him a peanut butter and tomato sandwich. He said to me you must be from Kittanning! His wife lived there also and she was famous for eating the same sandwich! It was a little weird!