Friday, September 12, 2008

Surprise Sunflowers

Because it was such a crappy day of rain (although we need it), I'm giving you a treat. That rock wall we have in the back of my herb garden creates all sorts of possibilities for chipmunks to reek havoc in the garden. They annoyingly place sunflower seeds in ALL of our containers. The seeds, of course, all grow extremely well. If we try to grow the sunflowers in our garden, the birds and others eat them! You can't win! So even though it wasn't planned, this cute sunflower is a winner in my herb garden. Remember sunflowers are a true native American flower and edible. You can eat both buds (boil them twice in water to remove the bitterness) and the petals. Here when the colonists came. A native of Peru so it has to be in our garden. I married a Peruvian almost 21 years ago. Hope it is dry where you are. Until next time.

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