Friday, September 19, 2008

Is The Fairy in Your Garden?

There is a beautiful rose bush that I love and couldn't be without in my garden. It is called 'The Fairy'. I got mine through Heirloom Roses in Oregon. I looked at their website and found they have two sports of 'The Fairy'. One called 'Crystal Fairy' that is a white sport and the other is called 'Lovely Fairy' which is a lightly fragrant deep pink or light red (in cool weather). There was a third called 'Fairy Queen' which is a double dark pink to red polyantha rose. Here are a couple pictures of my 'Fairy'. They are wonderful in a tussie mussie and also to decorate a cake or a dessert platter. Remember they are an edible flower. Make sure you remove the pollen and other reproductive parts and the white heel at the base of the petal.

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