Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Explosion of Sunflowers!

This is an explosion of sunflowers that happens just about this time each year.  I used to have the giant sunflowers in the back of our vegetable garden like wallpaper in a room.  I loved it!  I haven't been quite able to recreate it since.  The ones that you can see on the fence in various angles are stragglers from leftover seed packets.  We all have them.  One or two have made it through and not been disturbed by the wildlife.  The sunflowers in my herb garden this year have been much loved by the finches.  We are consistently coming down the driveway and chasing them away from the sunflowers there.  The sunflowers with the many petals are 'Teddy Bears' and the very tall clump of small sunflower type flowers are a native sunflower.  They are good if you need alot of flowers in a large area.  They swallow up spaces and other plants you may want to keep!  So be careful with those!  I don't know the botanical name, but they are one of 38 varieties of perennial sunflowers.  Hope you are enjoying sunflowers in your garden wherever you may be!


Sandra said...

What a beautiful variety of sunflowers! I have a few this year and am enjoying them a lot. So far no bird damage, but I think I'll just leave the over winter for the birds to pick at.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

They don't last that long Sande! The perennial ones are just flowers not seeds. The ones you see in my herb garden are already mostly gone! The finches have been having a field day with them! Thanks for stopping by!