Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Travel Thursday--A Home Town Adventure for the Family!

We are bird lovers in this house. I know for some of you who have kids, this time of year can be difficult to entertain them! It is almost school time! UGH! Sooo I have the perfect solution if you are in the Pittsburgh area, take them to the National Aviary! Here is The Herbal Husband feeding a dollar bill to Minni, the American crow. Smart bird! She takes it from you gently and puts it in the box for a good cause.

There are feedings for the lorikeets or lorries that will delight your kids and you. They are very noisy, but it is very interesting to feed them. For a nominal fee per cup, you and your kids can enjoy this activity.

This beautiful bird is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Named not for the car but for the Queen! It is from the country of New Guinea. I'm going to take my best friend's daughter there soon before she starts school. Hope you get a chance to go! It is a fun education for both you and them! Check back tomorrow for some exciting news!


Comfrey Cottages said...

wonderful idea dear! what an enchanting crow minnie is! my grandson evan turns 8 saturday. we have a good bird identification book and have always marked off the birds we site in the yard. i just found out my son tommy is going to give him his own binoculars, so... you have given me the brilliant idea to take him birding soon! big herbal hugs always to you! i so love your blog:)(ps. thinking bird books, feeders, binoculars etc all around for the grands christmas presents now!lol, gosh that will be right around the corner;0)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

So glad you are influencing your grands, Leslie! Education without them knowing! I love those opportunities! Got a big surprise tomorrow so be sure to take a look! A Big Herbal Hug for you always! ;>}