Monday, February 2, 2009

Is It Me or Is This Leaning?

When the Herbal Husband and I put this arbor together several years ago, we had to put it together in our garage. It was pouring rain on the Saturday we decided to put it together. You see it was two separate arbors and two by eights or tens between for support. We have no power tools. The Herbal Husband says that we need the exercise! I remember when we got the first arbor put together, we could not move it because the ceiling was too low! The Spanish started to fly! I always know to take cover when that happens! We finally got them out of the garage and put it together. It has served us for about ten years! I think though that we will have to come up with another plan. It is slowly collapsing and it has fallen over because of too much wind! That happened a couple of years ago when the Herbal Husband was vacationing in Lima! It is always an adventure at our house.


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