Friday, February 13, 2009

St. Valentine and Tussie Mussies!

Valentine's Day in early Roman days was thought to be the start of pairing for birds so the emphasis on love and its messages. Samuel Pepys is credited with recording the first account of sending the modern paper valentine. This little booklet from Adelma Simmons and Caprilands talks of having a party and giving tussie mussies as a gift to the party goers. The tussie mussie on the left was given to a friend as a congratulatory bouquet when she became a registered architect. I usually put roses for love and grace for the pink roses, rosemary for remembrance, mint for wisdom, some sage for long life and good health, lemon balm for the pleasant company of friends and scented geranium for preference. This was made in the summer and Adelma talks about her tussie mussies being limited to what is in the greenhouse in February. Maybe surprise your significant other not tomorrow, but later in the year when spring brings up the first herbs. I'll have more about our Valentine's Day tomorrow. I'm going to postpone making the sugar cookies until next week. Another treat for the Herbal Husband! He always enjoys herbal treats any time of the year!

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