Monday, February 16, 2009

An Herbal Gem-Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

One of my favorite catalogs came the other day from Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, Ohio. It is three hours away from us, but I have loved each time I go because they have such unique and special organic herbs, veggies and miniatures plants. Mark and Karen Langan and their kids have such a special place. Let's cut to the chase. Karen's letter in the inside cover usually covers the events of the past year and the activities to come in the current one. The title of this year's letter is "Farewell from Mulberry Creek?" I talked with my Herbal Companion today and she thinks that they are ending their mail order portion of their business only! In the inside of the catalog there is a letter to the local community which talks about continuing "in business for another year (Thank God!). We intend on staying that way until we retire to an "easier" lifestyle. (in other words, another 25 years)." Hopefully that is the way it is, but in the body of the inside cover letter is this sentence, "Short of a miracle, this will be our last season."!!! I've been too much in shock to e-mail them to find out. I'm asking if you live in the Sandusky/Huron area or Ohio or surrounding states in close proximity to visit this wonderful herb nursery. They will have their annual herb fair on Saturday, June 27th (10 AM to 5 PM) and Sunday, June 28th (Noon to 5 PM) featuring Ireland & "Going Greener". It is $5.00 per adult (includes 1 free herb) and kids and classes are free. I'm planning on going with the Herbal Husband! Keep this herbal gem going!


Rosemary said...

We're taking a bus trip in June out to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm to attend the Herb Fair... and other fun OH and PA herb shops and tea room! The info is posted on our blog/special events link.

lemonverbenalady said...

Mark and Karen love those bus trips! Thanks for the update!