Friday, February 20, 2009

Lemon Balm in the Herb Garden....Not Quite!

When I was out in the herb garden the other day, I thought OMG, lemon balm in the herb garden. Not an entirely bad thing, but look how much under the grapevine! Don't want this much! I mentioned it to the Herbal Husband. He said it is not lemon balm but that weed! Yikes! Not another weed! Yes, it is purple dead nettle. Thanks to my weed bible, Weeds of the Northeast on page 249, it describes it with pictures and everything, but NOT how to get rid of it. Usually that is pulling it out by hand in this house. Particularly in this location with the grape roots in close proximity. The book calls it A WINTER ANNUAL! It is also in the mint family. So that's why it is working its way into the herb garden! Each plant produces 200 seeds! Don't want that happening. It is just still brutally cold outside. Hopefully next week, we can get out there and take care of it. Hope you are warm where you are!

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