Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rosemary in Winter Indoors!

This prostrate rosemary is doing very, very well in our garage.  We dug it up late in the season and it has transitioned very well.   There are south facing windows and it is an unheated space.  It also doesn't get below 32 degrees though which is another key to success.  We are getting more snow, but when you don't have to commute, it is a beautiful time!  Take care and stay warm wherever you may be.


Martha said...

I have tried to winter rosemary INDOORS and it is never a success -- too dry I think -- so I have a "hot house" and when it gets too cold I jsut cover it -- it seems to work that way.

I, have, however, kept a couple of plants in the garden and we'll see -- no special treatment and tonight it shoudl be close to 0!

Your rosemary looks well -- I think the furnace does them in -- not the light nor the watering!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I had a rosemary topiary in here over the holidays..but it finally gave out....i love them so much...

stay warm and cozy...friend

kary and buddy

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I have always heard that a dry rosemary is a dead one. I had a beautiful rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree one year. One day it was beautiful and the next dead! We had forgotten to water it! Hope your rosemarys make it through outside Martha! Good luck.

I really love rosemary also, Kary, but I don't dare bring them indoors! It's the kiss of death! I need to stay inside the cold is going to get colder. Enjoy your herb garden, dear friend. A pat for Buddy. xxoo Nancy

Carol Henrichs said...

Good job with your Rosemary.

I just went to the sun porch to water plants. I found a little jade plant on the floor among shards of its broken pot all around...cats! And I noticed that my basil, which I was babying, is dead, its dried leaves surrounded by webs. None of my other plants are bothered. Must have just been a basil bug. Sad day!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

It took a lot of convincing about the rosemary. We lost a small one to the heat of the bathroom. It gets a direct blast of hot air and rosemarys are not at all interested in that in the winter. You would think they would love it, but cooler conditions are the best thing! The basil sometimes gets spider mites indoors! Basil is tricky in the winter. The Herbal Husband is trying to baby an African Blue basil through the winter. I'm not sure it will make it. I will try to let you know. Sorry about your plants! Cats can be a problem when they are too curious or just want trouble! Thanks for your comments CH!