Friday, January 15, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes!

It's gray again, but the snow is melting.  The male cardinal was hanging out waiting for his treats on the sunflower bird feeder this morning!  It's a popular place in the winter.  Click on the bottom photo to get a better view!  That arbor may not make it through the winter!  The cat climbing it has made it lean even more!  Hope you are OK wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


comfrey cottages said...

lol you still have your yard cat then? :) grey and gloomy here also. slushy with the warmer temps also. i believe we are actually in the 30's today:) big herbal and honey hugs to you

lemonverbenalady said...

We have SEVERAL yard cats. I have the cat poop to prove it! LOL! We are getting slushy as well. Don't like that much! Like either no snow or a lot of snow! Keep warm Leslie and a big herbal and honey hug for you and the kiddos as well! ;>}

Laura of Wildenblue Farm said...

Sigh, I can just envision all the lovely herbs and flowers hiding under all that snow, waiting for spring! Hopefully they won't sprout THROUGH a collapsed arbor!