Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, So Far It's a Tie!

There is an ongoing disagreement about the indoor herbal plants that come inside for the winter.  Unfortunately, we have two cars and one of them is in the garage!  So these scented geraniums are in my "laundry" section of the basement!  It makes for a fragrant time, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they survive!

On the flip side, the garage for me is still the place to be when you're an herb in a container at our house!  Here are a couple of my troughs, the sweet lavender and in the way back is a habek mint!  It has been mighty cold here, but they are doing very well.  Promised The Herbal Husband a lemon verbena bread.  Got to go!  Stay warm!


Martha said...

I have a great breakfast room with 3 walls of windows and bring most things in there -- the citrus and the bay and the lemon verbena. The rosemary I leave outside and so far it has survived (I have a greenhouse I put over it if it gets way too cold). The rose geranium I keep in the kitchen window with a parsley and a chive.

So far so good for me here at Linderhof!

What I'd like to have is a small greenhouse!

lemonverbenalady said...

Our windows are small casement type windows. I would love a bay window or a greenhouse! We actually thought about making our garage into another room by putting in French doors or a sliding glass door. Hasn't happened yet! Thanks for stopping by Martha!